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VeteraN Community

ZyberCoin brings new light to the industry for all US citizens

Sgt JA Castillo, USAF/ Sponsor

All American Veterans Get a 10% discount on first ZyberCoin purchases!

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As a Cold War Hero, I am proud to bring this service to my fellow soldier we serve and protect this GREAT Nation!!!

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With all the confusion about where our nation is headed with the new rage about cryptocurrency, I am here to put your mind at easy and give you peace of mind to bring my Veteran Family into the new age of financial control of there wealth!

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Genesis Cloud-Mining

The GReater GOOD Theory

When you register with us you become part of a financial machine that empowers all Veterans to bring resources to bear for the greater good and promote the promise that Abraham Lincoln made during his Gettysburg address to "care for those whom born the brunt of WAR"  

We partner with Genesis Cloud-Mining Technology to allow our members to harvest FREE bitcoins from the internet and reinvest that coin for more profits.

Paying It Forward : Donate

The Gift of BitCoin! Support Our Veteran

  1. From HERE to There, that's how many VETERANS pass their DAY!! Will you help change THAT???

Many Veterans like myself do not have a BITCOIN to even start using there new wallet!  Without 0.00001 BTC in the account the wallet is inactive and the Blockchan is dead.

By donating a few BTC here min (.00022) we can spread the wealth though lotteries and  raffles to get these  Satoshi's to veterans wanting to use the program asap.

Help me Help them all transactions are transparent.

Antonio Castillo USAF

Donate: BTC  1QFrCdQFEhPf8kb6YbucGSWNJMtSvR84vJ 

copy n paste into your wallet today 

send us 0.00011 BTC and thank you !!! (approx $2) as of 15DEC17


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What is crypto-currency aka BITCOIN--

  • What Is Bitcoin and How Does It Work?


  • How do I get some?

you can mine coins here from Genisi-Cloud Ming Compnay



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